NetZero Comparison


  NetZero offers one of the best values for dialup internet service.  Combining a great service with the reliability of a national provider, NetZero has become one of the fastest growing ISPs out there.  While AOL has begun to lose customers, NetZero has grown because people are looking for a reliable provider at a great price of $9.95 for unlimited service.  On top of that, NetZero has features such as the ability to answer the phone while on the internet without losing your dialup connection. 

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  Netzero AT&T SBC MSN Earthlink AOL
Monthly Access Cost: $9.95 $21.95 $21.95 $21.95 $21.95 $21.95
% Savings vs. AOL: 58% 8% 8% 8% 8% 0%
-Ability to Remain Online  and Answer Phone Calls (V.92)* Yes No No No No No
-Personalized Email Address Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
-Web Based Email Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
-Personal Startpage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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* Requires V.92 access number, V.92 modem, compatible modem on hold software and call waiting service.  V.92 access numbers not available in all areas.






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