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Business Center

Business customers can achieve cost savings from the industry's leading carriers on the following services through ITquotes.com:



  Plan Details
Carrier: Opex
Interstate Rate: $ 0.0450
Intrastate Rate: See company website
Minimum Billing Increment: 60 seconds
Additional Billing Increment: 60 seconds
Calling Card Rate: $ 0.149 ($ 0.99 setup fee)
Monthly Fee: $ 0.00
Minimum Monthly Charge: Residential:  $2.00 billing fee if bill is under $20.
Business:  $4.99 billing fee if bill is under $50.
Billing Methods: Online, Paper Bills
Payment Methods: Credit Cards, EFT & Checks
Company Comments:  Opex is a reseller of major carriers networks.  The company has been in business since 1998 and has developed a very strong operation.  This has allowed them to develop innovative products such as Pay-As-U-Go, which allows them to offer an even better deal.

Plan Comments: 
   Pay-As-U-Go allows customers to prepay their phone bill and save an additional 8% on their bill which lowers their interstate rate to $0.0417.  In addition, customers get 100 free minutes if they remain a customer for 6 months. 

Intrastate Rates:  
Rates available on signup page.





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